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BFCL Season 2 Starts Today!

Posted by BugsPray in Competition on Mon, 24 Aug 2009 13:27 UTC

BFCL Season 2 starts today!  With fewer teams that are more active, this season should prove to be an exceptional one with several top contenders.  Here's a look at the schedules for season 2:

Week I - August 24th, 2009
 Order with Authority vs Via Victus     
 Team Finland vs Team Jenkins     
 Intolerance vs Team Vorticity   
 Team Espada vs BYE     

Week II - August 31, 2009
 BYE vs Via Victus     
 Intolerance vs Team Finland 
 Team Espada vs Team Jenkins 
 Order with Authority vs Team Vorticity   

Week III - September 7, 2009
 Intolerance vs Via Victus   
 Team Vorticity vs BYE     
 Team Jenkins vs Order with Authority 
 Team Finland vs Team Espada   

Week IV - September 14, 2009
 Team Vorticity vs Via Victus   
 Team Espada vs Intolerance     
 Order with Authority vs Team Finland 
 BYE vs Team Jenkins     

Week V - September 21, 2009
 Team Espada vs Via Victus     
 Team Jenkins vs Team Vorticity 
 Team Finland vs BYE   
 Intolerance vs Order with Authority 

Week VI - September 28, 2009
 Team Jenkins vs Via Victus   
 Order with Authority vs Team Espada 
 BYE vs Intolerance   
 Team Vorticity vs Team Finland 

Week VII - October 5, 2009
 Team Finland vs Via Victus   
 BYE vs Order with Authority   
 Team Vorticity vs Team Espada 
 Team Jenkins vs Intolerance   

Open Week - October 12, 2009

Season 2 Playoffs - October 19, 2009

For more info, check out the original post on BFCL:  BFCL Season 2 Starts Today!

BFCL Season 1 Winners: Team NULL

Posted by BugsPray in Competition on Mon, 03 Aug 2009 21:04 UTC
From 57thZaha on BFCL:

My apologies for not posting this sooner.  As many of you know the BFCL website was hacked and we have literally had to rebuid much of the site.  We are now back up and running and I only recently learned how to recover the data from Legions Season 1.  I am proud to announce that [null] has taken first place in Season 1 with a top score of 35 points, Omniscient was second with 28 points edging out Team Vorticity in third place with 27 points.

Please help me give a hearty congratulations to Liv and his crew for a great Season 1 performance.  Here are the members of this winning combination:

Liv, petrified, kasityolainen, Agoria, Ajaxiss, GReaper, Impatient,
urmelody, oahra, Gheist, robke112, =THE_TROOPER= and rodein.


Congratulations to everyone!  It was a great season and I look forward to Season 2.

Original Post: BFCL Season 1 WINNER [null]

BFCL Season 2 Signups Open

Posted by BugsPray in Competition on Fri, 31 Jul 2009 02:25 UTC

We've just received unofficial word that the BFCL Season 2 Signups are open, so send a message to 57thZaha if you have a team ready to join.  Also, some new rules are in place and Zaha is encouraging all team captains to "give [them] a hard read."


Battlefield Conquest League is a league based upon honor and trust between member teams. Player recruitment from one member team to another member team (whether the recruitment in question is initiated by a player or a clan) is considered a dishonorable tactic and will be addressed as follows:

- Players who leave their current team and join another team within the BFCL will be subject to suspension from any and all competitions for a period of 90 days. At the completion of this period the player in question will be permitted to participate in all competitions his or her team is currently actively participating in.

Click "Read More" to see all the new BFCL rules.

- Teams found to be practicing inter-league recruitment will be subject to suspension immediately from all competitions for a period of 6 months. At the completion of this suspension, the team leaders will be required to meet with league administrators to discuss the future of the team at Battlefield Conquest League.

- There will be exceptions to this rule which the league administrators will examine on a individual basis. For example : players from a disbanded clan would be permitted to join another clan to continue playing in competitions. Contact a league administrator with any questions or concerns.


BFCL 4th Week Results

Posted by Alex in Competition on Tue, 07 Apr 2009 23:04 UTC

Yet another week of the BFCL has come to an end, so here are the results of the 4th week:

Void Engineers (2) vs Team Vorticity (2)
Intolerance - team.euro (4) vs TeamTG (0)
Via Victus (4) vs 57th Midnight Squadron (0)

Note: Each map is worth 2 points.

Taking these updated scores into account, the top of the leaderboard has changed a little bit:

  1. Team Vorticity (14 points)
  2. Carpet Munchers (12 points)
  3. Void Engineers (9 points)
  4. [null] (8 points)

Unfortunately the league currently has a backlog of games, with [null], Omniscient and Team Jenkins all 2 games behind.  This could change the rankings as both [null] and Omniscient could easily take top 3 positions.  Hopefully these games will be played soon and we'll get a more accurate view of the rankings.

This week the BFCL is currently on a break, so the 5th weeks results will be in 2 weeks time.  Watch this space for more updates!

BFCL 3rd Week Results

Posted by Alex in Competition on Tue, 31 Mar 2009 15:09 UTC

The rankings are now starting to take place after the third week of the BFCL, so here are the past weeks results:

Team Vorticity (4) vs TeamTG (0)
Carpet Munchers (4) vs 57th Midnight Squadron (0)
Void Engineers (4) vs Order with Authority (0)
team.euro (1) vs Via Victus (3)

Along with one extra result from a postponed match:

Omniscient (1) vs Carpet Munchers (3)

Note: Each map is worth 2 points.

So, after taking all these results, the top of the leaderboard starts to look interesting:

  1. Team Vorticity (12 points)
  2. Carpet Munchers (11 points)
  3. [null] (8 points)
  4. Order with Authority (8 points)

However with these results [null] still has a postponed game against Omniscient, so everything could change once this match has been played.  Keep watching this space for more results!

BFCL: New Team Deathmatch Ladder Now Open!

Posted by BugsPray in Competition on Sat, 28 Mar 2009 10:05 UTC

Zaha sends word that BFCL's new Team Deathmatch ladder for Legions is now open.  This has been a long awaited ladder for many, and should bring us some awesome games outside of the overwhelmingly popular CTF league. 

For more info, and to sign up your team, go here:  BFCL Legions TDM Ladder

BFCL 2nd Week Results

Posted by Alex in Competition on Mon, 23 Mar 2009 13:19 UTC

The second week of the BFCL is slightly quieter than usual, two of the matches have been postponed leaving us with fewer results:

Order with Authority (4) vs 57th Midnight Squadron (0)
[null] (4) vs TeamTG (0)
team.euro (0) vs Team Vorticity (4)

Note: Each map is worth 2 points.

With the results so far we've got Order with Authority, [null] and Team Vorticity at the top of the league all with 8 points each.

The postponements should result in even more matches being played this week, so watch this space for the scores!

BFCL 1st Week Results

Posted by Alex in Competition on Mon, 16 Mar 2009 12:34 UTC

It's been an exciting first week for the BFCL, all matches have gone ahead as scheduled, so here are the results of the matches this week:

TeamTG (0) vs Order with Authority (4)
Team Jenkins (0) vs [null] (4)
Team Vorticity (4) vs Via Victus (0)
Carpet Munchers (4) vs team.euro (0)
Void Engineers (2) vs Omniscient (2)

Note: Each map is worth 2 points.

Hopefully the second week should start to see the rankings taking place - watch this space for more results!

BFCL Legions League Schedule Announced

Posted by BugsPray in Competition on Wed, 25 Feb 2009 15:54 UTC

Zahadoom over at BFCL has just announced the full schedule for their new Legions league.  There looks to be some good matchups ahead, as well as a few new faces and teams.  If you still haven't signed up, there's still time!  Sign up by 11:59pm on February 28th to be included in BFCL's inagural season.

Week I - March 9th
Void Engineers vs Team Jenkins
Carpet Munchers vs Team Vorticity
Experience vs [null]
Via Victus vs Order with Authority
Team.Euro vs 57th Midnight Squadron

Click "Read More" to see the schedule for all 11 weeks of the season.


BFCL.info Starts Legions League

Posted by BugsPray in Competition on Mon, 09 Feb 2009 08:56 UTC

Taken from the BFCL website:

"Fallen Empire: Legions has come to Battlefield Conquest League and we are excited to get this competition started.  This is a relatively new game and is still in its development stages so we are pleased to offer our league as a place for teams to play and have fun while development continues.
Our first competition is 7v7 Capture The Flag and it promises to be a challenge for all teams involved.  The teams we have here are among the first to take competition of this game to an organized level and they are here to show us how it is done."

Find out more here: http://www.bfcl.info/mainsite/promo-legions.html

Elite Legions League not quite so dead

Posted by Alex in Competition on Thu, 05 Feb 2009 02:10 UTC

In a sudden turn of events it looks like the Elite Legions League has reopened, apparently the issues preventing it from running another season have been solved - so it looks like TaylorBalbi is pushing ahead with the second season.

Plans for the Legions Players Ladder have been put on hold, so go check out ELL!

ELL closed, Legions Players Ladder coming soon!

Posted by Alex in Competition on Tue, 03 Feb 2009 18:39 UTC

Unfortunately the Elite Legions League has closed its doors before the start of the second season, due to a lack of interest and a few other reasons the second season won't be running.  Taylor might be returning in the future with the Elite Legions League, but for now it's closed.

Legions Players will be starting up a new ladder to take the place of ELL, as we feel competition is important to all players - we all enjoy exciting games.  If you're interested in taking part then post on the forum and give us your thoughts.

More updates will be coming soon!

Team Finland are champions of ELL season 1

Posted by Alex in Competition on Tue, 03 Feb 2009 15:31 UTC

The first season of the Elite Legions League has finally come to an end.  The exciting final match between Team Finland and The Bots resulted in a victory for Team Finland, winning their games 10-2 and 10-1 on Frostbyte.

Top 3 places for the 5v5 ladder first season:

1st - Team Finland

2nd - null

3rd - The Bots

Unfortunately The Bots loss resulted in them dropping from first place to third, allowing null to take second place.

Well done to all teams involved, congratulations to Team Finland for 1st place!

Saturday Tournament Results

Posted by Alex in Competition on Sun, 01 Feb 2009 10:40 UTC

Yesterday Blitz organised a 5v5 tournament which nearly anyone could sign up for in random teams.  Looks like things went fairly well with over 50 players signing up into 10 different teams, with some exciting matches.

The results of the tournament are:

1st - Team 7 (Darklord, Jdfx, TwistedDemon, Meatsplitter, RougeKnife)

2nd - Team 10 (Zarious, Mabeline, Velocity, Impatient, FatElvis)

3rd - Team 3 (APC, LULZCAT, 57thZaha, Ultima, and OmniExpress)

Congratulations to Team 7!  They'll all be receiving Legions shirts signed by the development team.

This is most likely going to be a monthly tournament, so keep checking the site and forums for the next Saturday night tournament.

ELL Ladder Begins to Take Shape

Posted by Bravo in Competition on Tue, 06 Jan 2009 19:55 UTC

After a holiday break void of matches, Elite Legions League competition has heated back up with a flurry of matches taking place over the past week.

The Carpet Munchers opened their ELL campaign with a tough loss to European powerhouse Team Finland. The match took place on Nivosus, with a final score of 20-5 (10-4, 10-1).

Team Finland remains undefeated on the ladder and claimed the #1 spot from the idle Bots.

Stay tuned for more Elite Legions League coverage as well as information about upcoming shoutcasts featuring ELL action!

Elite Legions League Match Play Kicks Off!

Posted by Bravo in Competition on Wed, 17 Dec 2008 20:08 UTC

The Elite Legions League had a successful debut with over 200 players and over 20 teams registered!

In the league's highly anticipated first official match, The Bots triumphed over the Horse Hiders 10-0, 10-1 on Nivosus. The victory declared The Bots as the first ranked team in the league, and moved them into the coveted #1 spot.

Congratulation to The Bots on their victory!

Elite Legions League now open

Posted by Alex in Competition on Tue, 09 Dec 2008 20:46 UTC

If you've been waiting for competition then it looks like now is the time to get your teams ready for battle - the Elite Legions League is now officially open!

The first seasons tournament is going to be 5v5 Capture The Flag running for 2 months, maximum team size of 8 players total.  There will be some prizes for the winners and some smaller prizes for all players participating in the first season.

Good luck to TaylorBalbi and the Elite Legions League.

The Bots beat 57th Midnight Squadron!

Posted by Alex in Competition on Sun, 23 Nov 2008 03:09 UTC

It's been an exciting evening with a great shoutcast covering The Bots and 57th Squadron.  The Bots won both maps.

Scores for the maps were 10-0 to The Bots on Frostbyte and 10-0 to The Bots on Zenith Cauldron.  Although there was some good defence and a lot of effort from 57th Squadron, they had no chance against The Bots.

Great coverage from our shoutcasters Blitz and Apcizzle, with great gameplay from the two teams.

Legions Players Ladder coming soon!

Posted by Alex in Competition on Sun, 13 Jul 2008 04:25 UTC

Currently under development at Legions Players is a ladder system for competitive play.  We understand that some of the greatest games played are matches which you've got a reason to fight for - when the reputation of your team is at stake.

Some of the things I'm currently planning on are seperate ladders for both European and North American areas, both starting as soon as possible.  Although the game is still in beta and there are few maps available without access to private dedicated servers, now is a good time for competitive play to be taken seriously.  The more people who sign up and show interest, more game development priority can be focused towards match play features.

More details will be coming soon!