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BFCL 3rd Week Results

Posted by Alex in Competition on Tue, 31 Mar 2009 15:09 UTC

The rankings are now starting to take place after the third week of the BFCL, so here are the past weeks results:

Team Vorticity (4) vs TeamTG (0)
Carpet Munchers (4) vs 57th Midnight Squadron (0)
Void Engineers (4) vs Order with Authority (0)
team.euro (1) vs Via Victus (3)

Along with one extra result from a postponed match:

Omniscient (1) vs Carpet Munchers (3)

Note: Each map is worth 2 points.

So, after taking all these results, the top of the leaderboard starts to look interesting:

  1. Team Vorticity (12 points)
  2. Carpet Munchers (11 points)
  3. [null] (8 points)
  4. Order with Authority (8 points)

However with these results [null] still has a postponed game against Omniscient, so everything could change once this match has been played.  Keep watching this space for more results!