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Saturday Tournament Results

Posted by Alex in Competition on Sun, 01 Feb 2009 10:40 UTC

Yesterday Blitz organised a 5v5 tournament which nearly anyone could sign up for in random teams.  Looks like things went fairly well with over 50 players signing up into 10 different teams, with some exciting matches.

The results of the tournament are:

1st - Team 7 (Darklord, Jdfx, TwistedDemon, Meatsplitter, RougeKnife)

2nd - Team 10 (Zarious, Mabeline, Velocity, Impatient, FatElvis)

3rd - Team 3 (APC, LULZCAT, 57thZaha, Ultima, and OmniExpress)

Congratulations to Team 7!  They'll all be receiving Legions shirts signed by the development team.

This is most likely going to be a monthly tournament, so keep checking the site and forums for the next Saturday night tournament.