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BFCL 4th Week Results

Posted by Alex in Competition on Tue, 07 Apr 2009 23:04 UTC

Yet another week of the BFCL has come to an end, so here are the results of the 4th week:

Void Engineers (2) vs Team Vorticity (2)
Intolerance - team.euro (4) vs TeamTG (0)
Via Victus (4) vs 57th Midnight Squadron (0)

Note: Each map is worth 2 points.

Taking these updated scores into account, the top of the leaderboard has changed a little bit:

  1. Team Vorticity (14 points)
  2. Carpet Munchers (12 points)
  3. Void Engineers (9 points)
  4. [null] (8 points)

Unfortunately the league currently has a backlog of games, with [null], Omniscient and Team Jenkins all 2 games behind.  This could change the rankings as both [null] and Omniscient could easily take top 3 positions.  Hopefully these games will be played soon and we'll get a more accurate view of the rankings.

This week the BFCL is currently on a break, so the 5th weeks results will be in 2 weeks time.  Watch this space for more updates!