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Legions on Facebook - Available Now!

Posted by BugsPray in Fanfic on Tue, 07 Jul 2009 23:48 UTC

Finally the long awaited Facebook app has arrived!  Here's Dr. Wiley with the details:

Legions on Facebook

Everyone here at InstantAction has been extremely busy working on the Legions Facebook App lately.  I wanted to run through some of the features that you can expect to see now that it is live.  At the bottom of this post you'll find the links to grab the app and get playing on Facebook.  Here we go!

Leaderboards - Compare your top times with others and see where you stand.
Map Flyovers - Each map has a flyover so you can see the obstacles.  Click for the videos.
Tutorial - Learn the ropes with this walk through of all the controls.
6 Maps - Including 4 completely new maps to time trials.
24 Routes - Each map has 4 different difficulty levels bringing the total amount of routes to 24.
New Beginner Routes - Having too much trouble with the harder routes?  Try something a little easier.

You can grab the app by clicking this link: Legions Facebook App

Get in there and start trying to grab those top times.  Invite your friends and see who's the best.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this to get it out the door.  It really looks great.

-Dr Wiley

I can't wait to get my scores on there to smash you all to pieces.  Original post: Legions on Facebook - Available Now!

New Legions Fanfic Articles

Posted by BugsPray in Fanfic on Mon, 20 Apr 2009 16:55 UTC

It's time to debut some Legions fanfic (fan fiction)!

Some of you may have seen Rouge's story "Serra: Rise of the Empire and Fall of the Legions" in the IA forums.  Well we've worked with him to bring his updated version to LegionsPlayers complete with some custom artwork by OmniSketch.  Here's a snippet:

"The Dancing Rains gets its name from the constant torrent of water that falls from her skies, and how those rains ebb and flow like the tides. It's always raining—a never ending monsoon. I'm not sure what phenomenon causes it."

"The rain demoralised the Legions. Sometimes it would ease up, then the next moment it would come down hard. Our mood was sour within hours of our boots touching the ground. Then, a day after they landed, the Tribals came."

"They slaughtered the Legions, attacking as the rain eased up and retreating when it began to pour down. Encampments and bases were hit by men who where described as demons-as madmen."

He looked at me and smiled.

"Madmen who fought in the air. Madmen, in armour, who could fly."

Head on over to the Articles section and check out Chapter 1 of his epic tale.

If anyone has written fanfiction they'd like to be featured on LegionsPlayers.com, please email BugsPray.