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BFCL Legions League Schedule Announced

Posted by BugsPray in Competition on Wed, 25 Feb 2009 15:54 UTC

Zahadoom over at BFCL has just announced the full schedule for their new Legions league.  There looks to be some good matchups ahead, as well as a few new faces and teams.  If you still haven't signed up, there's still time!  Sign up by 11:59pm on February 28th to be included in BFCL's inagural season.

Week I - March 9th
Void Engineers vs Team Jenkins
Carpet Munchers vs Team Vorticity
Experience vs [null]
Via Victus vs Order with Authority
Team.Euro vs 57th Midnight Squadron

Click "Read More" to see the schedule for all 11 weeks of the season.

Week II - March 16th

Order with Authority vs 57th Midnight Squadron
[null] vs Via Victus
Team Vorticity vs Experience
Team Jenkins vs Carpet Munchers
Void Engineers vs Team.Euro

Week III - March 23rd
Carpet Munchers vs Void Engineers
Experience vs Team Jenkins
Via Victus vs Team Vorticity
57th Midnight Squadron vs [null]
Team.Euro vs Order with Authority

Week IV - March 30th
[null] vs Order with Authority
Team Vorticity vs 57th Midnight Squadron
Team Jenkins vs Via Victus
Void Engineers vs Experience
Carpet Munchers vs Team.Euro

Week V - BYE WEEK  - April 6th

Week VI - April 13th
Experience vs Carpet Munchers
Via Victus vs Void Engineers
57th Midnight Squadron vs Team Jenkins
Order with Authority vs Team Vorticity
Team.Euro vs [null]

Week VII - April 20th
Team Vorticity vs [null]
Team Jenkins vs Order with Authority
Void Engineers vs 57th Midnight Squadron
Carpet Munchers vs Via Victus
Experience vs Team.Euro

Week VIII - April 27th
Via Victus vs Experience
57th Midnight Squadron vs Carpet Munchers
Order with Authority vs Void Engineers
[null] vs Team Jenkins
Team.Euro vs Vorticity

Week IX - May 4th
Team Jenkins vs Team Vorticity
Void Engineers vs [null]
Carpet Munchers vs Order with Authority
Experience vs 57th Midnight Squadron
Via Victus vs Team.Euro

Week X - May 11th
57th Midnight Squadron vs Via Victus
Order with Authority vs Experience
[null] vs Carpet Munchers
Team Vorticity vs Void Engineers
Team.Euro vs Team Jenkins

Week XI - CLOSEOUT - May 18th

All matches complete by May 24th