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BFCL Season 2 Starts Today!

Posted by BugsPray in Competition on Mon, 24 Aug 2009 13:27 UTC

BFCL Season 2 starts today!  With fewer teams that are more active, this season should prove to be an exceptional one with several top contenders.  Here's a look at the schedules for season 2:

Week I - August 24th, 2009
 Order with Authority vs Via Victus     
 Team Finland vs Team Jenkins     
 Intolerance vs Team Vorticity   
 Team Espada vs BYE     

Week II - August 31, 2009
 BYE vs Via Victus     
 Intolerance vs Team Finland 
 Team Espada vs Team Jenkins 
 Order with Authority vs Team Vorticity   

Week III - September 7, 2009
 Intolerance vs Via Victus   
 Team Vorticity vs BYE     
 Team Jenkins vs Order with Authority 
 Team Finland vs Team Espada   

Week IV - September 14, 2009
 Team Vorticity vs Via Victus   
 Team Espada vs Intolerance     
 Order with Authority vs Team Finland 
 BYE vs Team Jenkins     

Week V - September 21, 2009
 Team Espada vs Via Victus     
 Team Jenkins vs Team Vorticity 
 Team Finland vs BYE   
 Intolerance vs Order with Authority 

Week VI - September 28, 2009
 Team Jenkins vs Via Victus   
 Order with Authority vs Team Espada 
 BYE vs Intolerance   
 Team Vorticity vs Team Finland 

Week VII - October 5, 2009
 Team Finland vs Via Victus   
 BYE vs Order with Authority   
 Team Vorticity vs Team Espada 
 Team Jenkins vs Intolerance   

Open Week - October 12, 2009

Season 2 Playoffs - October 19, 2009

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