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BFCL Season 1 Winners: Team NULL

Posted by BugsPray in Competition on Mon, 03 Aug 2009 21:04 UTC
From 57thZaha on BFCL:

My apologies for not posting this sooner.  As many of you know the BFCL website was hacked and we have literally had to rebuid much of the site.  We are now back up and running and I only recently learned how to recover the data from Legions Season 1.  I am proud to announce that [null] has taken first place in Season 1 with a top score of 35 points, Omniscient was second with 28 points edging out Team Vorticity in third place with 27 points.

Please help me give a hearty congratulations to Liv and his crew for a great Season 1 performance.  Here are the members of this winning combination:

Liv, petrified, kasityolainen, Agoria, Ajaxiss, GReaper, Impatient,
urmelody, oahra, Gheist, robke112, =THE_TROOPER= and rodein.


Congratulations to everyone!  It was a great season and I look forward to Season 2.

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