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PAX Day 1

Posted by FishStix in Radio on Fri, 04 Sep 2009 19:28 UTC

Day 1: Woke up at about 9AM and was at the event by 10. Met up again with the IA crew, the exhibitor booth was hopping! However most people gave up trying to fly and ski in Legions after about 3 minutes. I guess some games are just more difficult to play than the average newb cares to figure out.

Next, I took a stroll through the exhibition hall. I got to see Brink again! Paul Wedgwood is my hero embodied in a game developer. Man am I am excited for this shit. Other games that caught my attention: Muramasa: Demon Blade, Lost Planet, New Super Mario Bros, Starcraft II (obvi).

I tried to get into "How can we make online gaming communities suck less?" but the line was uber long by the time I got there and I didn't get in :(

So I headed over to the Alienware booth to hang out with my buddy from QuakeCon, Marcus (djWHEAT) who was emceeing over there. Played in their UT3 tourney and failed miserably (never played before).

At 9 PM we began the Fallen Empire: Legions deathmatch tourney. we had 3 full 16 person servers up. The top 3 players from each server then filed into one server and duked it out for a Razor DeathAdder mouse. After all was said and done, Paradox314 was victorious and went home with the mouse. Much swag was given, many people enjoyed some sweet Legions action. I *should* have shoutcasted this, but we didn't get the broadcast computer set up in time so QQ. To see my interview with Paradox, head over to www.LegionsPlayers.com/radio/ and check out "Paradox Interview" in our VOD player.