Legions Players

See you at PAX09!

Posted by FishStix in General on Tue, 01 Sep 2009 13:04 UTC

Penny Arcade Expo '09 begins labor day weekend. Are you excited? Well, you should be, because myself and BugsPray are heading up (in his case, down) to Seattle to run and cover Legions and PlayTribes BYOC tournies @ PAX.

As some of you may know I do my best to shoutcast Legions stuff from time to time. Well, if all goes well we will be broadcasting Legions and Tribes action directly to your home PC via the wondrous interwebs. At the very least I will shoutcast the tournies @ PAX and we will have some kind of VOD for you to watch later.

I'm personally ridiculously excited to see PlayTribes in person. I mean, I've watched QuakeLive grow and have massive success resurrecting the Quake III scene. Nothing would make me happier to see Tribes competition return with the pending release of PlayTribes.

I am also quite excited to cover Legions at a big lan. While there are some huge, gaping issues with the game (in particular observer mode, making it very hard to shoutcast *cough*) I am still a huge fanboy and want to see this game succeed on the main stage! I also know that a few Legions players will be in attendance, so I look forward to meeting you all.

Again, as the weekend progresses I be trying to deliver you, the fans, as much content as possible. To follow my trials and tribulations, as well as get LPRadio updates, follow LegionsPlayers Twitter and FishStix's Twitter.

Thanks, and see you at PAX09!

(*if you missed it, check our media player to view our first BFCL VOD: Week 1 on Mirrage - Team Jenkins vs. Team Finland)