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Gamasutra - Lou Castle Interview

Posted by Wizard2k in General on Tue, 11 Aug 2009 11:39 UTC

New InstantAction CEO Lou Castle did an interview over at Gamasutra about his goals and aspirations in his new position. Here's a snippet...

Why did you join InstantAction?

Louis Castle: Taking a step back, it's really looking at the future of where games are going.

Games are always going to consumers, no matter what you do. There are always lots of different ways of getting them to the consumers. Clearly the best way to get entertainment to consumers is to get it directly to the consumers.

When I started looking at the ways that games are evolving, the kinds of markets, the incredible growth in social gaming, and seeing how well that fit together, it really became clear to me that I wanted to be involved in the social gaming space and the web distribution and gaming space.

I've done a little bit, obviously, over the years on all of these fronts, have made MMOs and things like that. So certainly I've been involved, but it certainly feels that the time has come. And that was really the impetus more than anything. I've had these very vague ideas of what kinds of things I might like to make; I'd like to build games around the social gaming platforms. Not to disparage anything that's out there, but the games are light.

I'm a gamer. I'd like to make richer experiences. Hopefully very easy-to-use experiences, like Boom Blox, which has a very easy-to-get-into but deep and rich experience as an entertainment experience. I'd like to build products around social networks and around a lot of different platforms simultaneously, and that was what excited me about the opportunity.

It's definitely exciting to hear some of his ideas. Go check it out!

Link to Article: Q&A: Former EALA Exec Castle On Plans For InstantAction