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Earn Tokens - Oh Snap!

Posted by Wizard2k in InstantAction on Wed, 29 Jul 2009 13:14 UTC

From the IA Blog:


With today's release you'll notice that you can now earn tokens by simply clicking the "Earn Tokens" button from within the InstantAction Store.  Once there you'll be presented with several different offers, for example, signing up for Netflix or taking a survey.

Each of these different offers yield a different amount of tokens so be sure to take note of how many tokens you will be receiving from the offer you are completing.  Also note the rate at which certain offers take to go through, so you may need to be patient for your token balance to update and reflect the offer you have completed.

In addition to this change in the store below you'll find some of the other updates that came with this release:

New Features 

  • Super Reward (see above)

  • New Lore Build

Bug Fixes

  • Users in a shazbot game should now have the game status panel after a game has been played
  • Legions- Fixed an issue where Play Now button does not load on a mac
  • Users with guests in their party should no longer get flash errors in Rokkitball
  • Fixed an issue where exiting Legions from a DS make the party blank
  • Resolved a conflict between Mav Lab and pre-roll ad block
  • Clients in Legions Game should no longer get blue screen on game end when host goes home
  • Chrome - Users will now be messaged to restart the browser after installing the plugin.

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