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PDXLan - Recap

Posted by Wizard2k in General on Wed, 22 Jul 2009 12:21 UTC

Here's the final comments from the LegionsBlog:

Wow was that a long weekend!  It was awesome for us at InstantAction and I hope that everyone there enjoyed it.  I would like to thank everyone that participated in our tournament.  The exceptional turnout meant a lot to us.  Also, to everyone that made the effort to come and talk to us about the game personally, I would like to thank you guys as well.  To work on a game that you love and pour your heart into, to hear people get excited about it is precisely the reason we do this.  It really is all about the fans.  :)

The Tournament

     We only brought 80 Legions shirts to the LAN to give to everyone who joined the tournament as I did not expect any more than that to sign up.  We had such a high demand for it though, that we extended the amount we let in to be unlimited, giving the 80 shirts to the first ones to sign up.  We ended up with around 125 people signing up!!  With 24 teams playing, we had almost 6 hours of gaming the first night and had to hold off the winning match until the next day as it was approaching 4 am.  The next match was held at 2pm the next day and shown on the main stage projector.  I would say at least 50 people gathered chairs around to watch the action.  It was a heated match, but team "Choppa 5!!" pulled out the win.  Congratulations guys and I hope you enjoy the cases!

Choppa 5!! - Picture by "Slackin"

Kill BugsPray Contest

     I brought up with me a t-shirt signed by the developers of Legions and we decided to run a little contest to give it away.  You probably saw it in the previous blog post, but as stated before, he dominated the competition.  Two people ended up getting one kill against him in the entire five hours we ran the tournament.  In the end, one of them gracefully conceded defeat and CoolSpot ended up with the shirt.

CoolSpot with Bugs

It's good to be home, but at the same time, it's always hard to leave a place where everyone is having such a great time hanging out and playing games.  Legions had a great showing and I'm hoping that I see a lot of those people online!

It's fantastic to hear about the amount of people who participated in the Tourney! Hopefully we'll continue to see those people around.

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