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Posted by Wizard2k in General on Sun, 19 Jul 2009 13:00 UTC

From the Legions Blog:

Today we unleashed the Legions tournament on the attendees of the PDXLAN.  We did not start until 10pm at night, it is 3:22am right now and we STILL have one match to go tomorrow!!  We had an incredible turnout of 120 players in 24 teams.  We are going to hold the championship match tomorrow afternoon and hopefully have it shown on the big screen at the center of the room.  We are going to be recording that match so everyone can enjoy the EPIC battle that we know it will be.  :) 


Everyone Watching the Last Semi-Final Match

As most people know, I am also a person who LOVES energy drinks.  Going to these LAN parties is almost like heaven as I get to drink an absolutely crazy amount of them.  This LAN is already no exception.  :P  Here is a peek at what I've had so far in just a day and a half -


People that know me know that yes, this was all me.  :D  3:33 am and going strong!

So until tomorrow afternoon, have a good night!

I think I speak for all of us when I say, "Derek can I have your computer when you're done exploding from all those energy drinks?"

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