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Arrg Matey!

Posted by Wizard2k in General on Tue, 07 Jul 2009 15:27 UTC

Woe is me and everyone else who didn't call in sick to work today! It seems Dynamic_Derek has been busy giving away prizes!

Straight from the Legions Blog:

UPDATE:  The contest is over and we have three winners!  Congratulations to the following three IA players -

  • Gamethief19
  • kasityolainen
  • MightyDeath

You guys can all be pirates now as I have unlocked the Raider Pirate skins in you accounts.  Thanks to everyone for playing and I look forward to doing another contest like this!

I am currently logged into IA right now, under Dynamic_Derek of course, and I'm playing me some Legions.  The first three people to find me, kill me, then say the words "I wanna be a pirate!" in the in-game chat, we'll give you the Raider Pirate skin!!  I imagine this is going to be fast, so get online and kill me because really, who doesn't want to be a pirate?

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