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New Skins in Next Update

Posted by BugsPray in General on Sat, 20 Jun 2009 09:30 UTC

From the InstantAction blog:

New Skins

Hey everyone, we're very excited to announce that new content for Legions is coming next week.  What will you find in Legions next week?  Well let me run through some of the new stuff (more to come later this week).
New Voice Packs:

12 new voice packs - including Tribes voices (male and female)

Helmets (pirates, cyborg-style, and general bad-assery):

5 Raider Helmets
4 Outrider Helmets
4 Sentinel Helmets

Skins (Self explanatory):

6 Raider Skins
6 Outrider Skins
6 Sentinel Skins

These skins look great and should provide some good monetization value to Legions!

Original blog post: Legions Content Coming Next Week