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PlayLegions now live!

Posted by Alex in General on Fri, 27 Feb 2009 19:42 UTC

The first version of PlayLegions is finally up and running at PlayLegions.com - go check it out!  This release is just the start of PlayLegions and currently only features single player modes.

First up we've got the tutorial mode:

PlayLegions tutorial mode

Hopefully we'll have no more new players asking "how do I fly?" in public servers!  The tutorial mode goes through basic movement to show new players how to get started in Legions, moving around, jumping, skating and jetting through the air.

Next we've got the time trial mode:

PlayLegions time trial mode

See if you can get the fastest times on Nivosus or Frostbyte.  Fly through the green rings as fast as possible on one of three difficulty settings to see if you can get the fastest time!

Remember this is just the start of PlayLegions.  More features will be coming eventually - watch this site for more details!