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PlayLegions details revealed!

Posted by Alex in General on Sun, 22 Feb 2009 18:19 UTC

Many of you have been wondering what's going on with InstantAction, especially the previously mentioned InstantAction 2.0.  This weeks episode of the InstantAction Podcast (episode 34) has a pretty big announcement, if you just want to skip to the announcement in the podcast then go to 11:58 into the MP3.

Those of you who are to lazy to listen to the podcast - read on for more info!

First thing - if you've seen the latest Legions trailer you'll notice that it includes a track from the upcoming Lamb of God album.  Both GarageGames and Lamb of God are doing some cross promotion to allow GarageGames to use their music in the latest Legions trailer.  If you haven't seen the video yet then go check it out, near the end of it you'll see PlayLegions.com mentioned towards the end.

So, what is PlayLegions?  It's part of the next generation of InstantAction, instead of all the games being under the single InstantAction site - this one site will be dedicated towards Fallen Empire: Legions.  It'll allow for faster development, so we should be getting more useful features specific to Legions instead of things being limited due to all games sharing the same site.

Some other specific Legions features coming up includes a new game mode!  As seen in the trailer the one game mode involves going through green gates as fast as possible (I wonder what that could be?!).  We'll also be seeing some cool features which helps new players familiarise themselves with the game.

This big push towards having Legions running on a specific site isn't just limited to Legions, it's part of GarageGames next generation publishing, allowing games developers having an InstantAction powered game in their own site - possibly on their own domain.  Imagine being able to play some of your other favourite games in your browser!

So lots of effort is being put into the future of Legions and InstantAction, no timeframe has been given - but watch this space for more information as soon as it gets revealed.


#1   Stilgar on Mon, 23 Feb 2009 20:29

Looks like Legions as well as other titles are moving into the big time limelight.

New game modes will help attract players - always a good thing.

I like.

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