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WTF DEVS?! - Episode 3

Posted by Alex in General on Sat, 25 Oct 2008 13:19 UTC

Looks like it's time for another episode of our favourite developers news - it's WTF DEVS?! - episode 3.  Fresh from this episode:

Staff changes!  The project lead heatmiser is moving off the project to work on other things at GarageGames.  Don't worry though, justind is joining the team as the new project lead and UI programmer, xgalaxy will also be joining the team soon.

The brand new map called Quarry will be coming in the next build, I'm sure everyone is keen on seeing brand new maps - hopefully this one won't disappoint.  We also get a quick update on Mirage, a new sand map coming soon.

Go check the forum for WTF DEVS?! for more information and updates!