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WTF DEVS?! - Episode 2

Posted by Alex in General on Tue, 30 Sep 2008 19:57 UTC

Another episode of WTF DEVS?! has been released by MungeParty - go and check WTF DEVS?! - Episode 2 on the forums.  Fresh from this episode we've got:

Content liasons!  AelxProter, Buhlitz and DeadGuy have been promoted to official content liasons, thanks to their great effort with creating new maps from Aelx and Buhlitz, along with DeadGuy analysing many parts of the game.

Performance changes are coming in the upcoming build, many aspects of the game have been tweaked to try an improve the performance of the client as much as possible.  With the improvements made we'll be seeing 32 player dedicated servers soon.

Go check out the forum for the latest WTF DEVS?!