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Live chat with MungeParty

Posted by Alex in General on Tue, 29 Apr 2008 13:39 UTC

InstantAction and Ustream have organised another live chat with one of the Legions developers.  On Thursday 1st May at 22:00 UTC, 23:00 BST (UK) you'll have the opportunity to ask your questions to MungeParty (Thomas Buscaglia), the lead designer of Fallen Empire: Legions.

Make sure you get your questions ready for this Thursday!

Sorry for the lack of news updates this month, it really has been a slow month for updates!  Beta is going well, but sadly we're unable to bring you many updates as we're still currently on closed beta with restrictions preventing details being released.  Hopefully we'll soon be able to give you the full details near the end of closed beta or once open beta starts.