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InstantAction TV

Posted by Alex in General on Tue, 19 Feb 2008 01:29 UTC

Looks like Dr Wiley has managed to get a few of the GarageGames team on the brand new InstantAction TV.  Take a peek and you'll get to see a few people from InstantAction in their video postcast.

The GarageGames crew are currently busy getting ready for the Games Developers Conference, with most of their major presentations coming up this Wednesday and Thursday.  Hopefully we'll be seeing more video podcasts in the future, preferably with some Legions content in it!

We'll be keeping you updated on any Legions related videos, as well as some of the more important InstantAction developments.  You can always subscribe to the InstantAction YouTube page, or the InstantAction Blog for even more updates from the world of InstantAction.