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Game Developers Conference 2008

Posted by Alex in General on Wed, 13 Feb 2008 16:05 UTC

Looks like the GarageGames team are currently busy working away, preparing themselves for the Game Developers Conference coming next week.  Quite a few games will be on show for the conference, as well as a few other things GarageGames will be showing us.

Full details are available on the InstantAction blog.  The main presentations will be on Wednesday 20th February and Thursday 21st February, we'll be seeing Legions, the newest game from Wideload Games - Cyclomite, as well as latest on Torque and InstantAction.

Hopefully we'll be seeing official videos and screenshots from GarageGames.  If anyone attending gets the chance to see Legions in action then contact us and let us know the latest news!


#1   Rowlow on Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:13

I remember this time of the year two years ago when I had a legions blog doing an interview with Tim Aste about the 'proof of concept' demo called legions.
Then all the screenshots and videos to be released at GDC, and then got told it won't be released cause garage games was going to focus on something else.

#2   Rowlow on Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:16

In fact I will paste the emails here :

Hi Remy,

Hope this helps, sorry for the delay in my response.

On 3/30/06, Remy <rowlow@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Tim,

Thanks in advance for answering the questions below, which have been compiled by the euro community.

1. How much effort is required to produce a tribes like game with the TSE ?
In other words are you for example able to go with the default parameters, start a new map, put two flags on the map and go?

There will be some effort required. TSE is a full-fledged game engine which will require some serious technical knowledge to get up and going. We are including Legions as an example, which is fully playable in the sense that is a CTF style example, with gameplay. You can get up and run the example out of the box, but the amount of effort required to develop onto it will be dependent on the situation and experience of the person trying to do it. Legions will be included with RC1, not Early Adopter.

2. Does the community need to pay money to be able to create a tribes like game, if so are they able to freely distribute their creations?

You will have to license the Torque Shader Engine to gain access to the C++ code. The license has an indy option. This will allow you to distribute the creations built on the engine as well. More information on this can be found on our website at http://www.garagegames.com and the various licenses and what they allow.

#3   Rowlow on Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:16

3. What kind of functions to start and join multiplayer games are planned, will it be a simple 'Join ip' command or master server based?

Our Legions Example Demo for TSE has a GUI Based Host/Join system for Lan and Internet play, and we have a master server currrently for our TSE/TGE demos. Console commands will also work as well.

4. As you know the Tribes community is diverse and full of different oppinions about the game, hence the prospect of a community driven development of a future tribes-like game is automaticly written off by many people.
What would you say to people who say it is not possible to create a tribes-like game developed by the community?

Well, my hope is that we will inspire people to at the very least give the best shot they can at creating the multiplayer game they've always wanted to play. If they make something seriously kick-ass, then they can sell it as well. With so many different opinions, you can never please everyone, but at the least we can say, here are the tools, here is a starting platform, if you want to make the game different, you can! We'd love nothing more than people to prove us wrong and show us their own game. Unlike modding, you have the option to market and sell your creation as well. There is a lot of potential here, we are giving out the tools for pennies, and giving a great platform for people to create a multiplayer action game on.

5. Are you planning on adding vehicels into the Tech Demo?

They are currently in, but as an example of TSE vehicles, not as a gameplay affecting element. They are pretty fun to drive around, the vehicle physics have come a long way over the years.

6. Are you making the Tech Demo like a mini Tribes game, where things like skiing and gravity is already implemented which can be used as template by the community to make new projects?

Yes we are providing a template example platform like that. However, I'd label it Legions or Multiplayer Team Based Action Example however. :)

My last question is if it would be possible to get a new screenshot of the Legions tech-demo which shows a flag or maybe even a video (i don't want to sound to demanding, sorry if i do hehe! )

We just put up some videos on Tribal War.com which encompassed the GDC Preview, hopefully those will help!

Many thanks for taking the time, it is much appreciated.

Anytime, sorry again for taking so long to get back to you. Please feel free to contact me anytime!

Best regards,
Tim A

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